A recent poll of 4,554 shoppers on Valentine’s Day wishes and desires by Tada.com reveals that despite the 29% of men that declared the holiday too commercial, they are still planning on significantly outspending women. Men are spending their hard-earned dollars on dinner and jewelry, while women are most likely to give their counterparts a card, candy or a stuffed animal. Perhaps that’s why 33% of women find Valentine’s Day to be fun, and 32% of them declare it romantic—it seems that women are making out particularly well during this annual love fest honoring St. Valentine.

Not only are women not gifting men what they want, men also outspend women in every category over $75 (16% of them spending more than $150!). Women, on the contrary, are more likely to spend smaller amounts, with 28% of them spending only $1 - $24. Only 7% of women spend more than $150.

And if women spend less, it’s the thought that counts, right? Unfortunately, women are not that likely to give gifts that men actually want. Men gift women four out of five items that they desire most—jewelry, flowers, dinners and cards. Women, on the other hand, miss the mark by sending their loved ones stuffed animals and candy when they actually want a trip and accessories. But who doesn’t want a trip? Trips top “most wanted” lists for both sexes, with 19% of women itching for a getaway, and 10% of men wishing they got that ski vacation instead of a stuffed bear.

  • Both sexes put trips on the top of their most wanted list: 19% of women and 10% of men
  • 49% of men spend more than $75, 72% of women spend less than $50
  • 32% of shoppers find Valentine’s Day to be romantic, while 29% of them also say that Valentine’s Day is too commercial.
  • Men also find Valentine’s Day cheesy, stressful, and annoying—women more likely to think Valentine’s Day is fun.
  • Women most want: a trip, jewelry, flowers, dinner and a card
  • Men most want: a trip, dinner, clothing, a card, and accessories