More convenience stores are concentrating on providing a greater variety of fresh, high-quality foods, and competition is mounting as stores strive to compete with fast-food restaurants. Technomic's Convenience Store Market Intelligence Report focuses on how convenience stores fit into the overall foodservice picture. Convenience-store foodservice is a $10.9 billion industry and a key area of opportunity for convenience stores across the country.

Fully 57 percent of consumers say they have purchased prepared foods from convenience stores. Roughly a third of consumers who visit convenience stores for fresh-food items purchase them at least once a week from convenience stores.

More c-stores are leveraging branded restaurants at their c-store locations. While Subway and McDonald's have locations built into some convenience stores, capitalizing on convenience and foot traffic, more progressive c-store chains are developing and integrating their own branded restaurants into existing stores, transforming the perception of purchasing prepared food at a convenience store.

"Prepared food is a growth opportunity for convenience stores willing to raise the bar on quality and key attributes sought by today's consumers," says Technomic Senior Director Donna Hood Crecca. "Consumers say they would visit convenience stores more often for prepared foods if those foodservice areas were improved upon. Customizing their offerings and a more appealing decor and atmosphere could enhance the experience."

To help operators and manufacturers stay on top of current trends and evolving consumer needs, Technomic has developed the Convenience Store Market Intelligence Report. Technomic's Convenience Store Market Intelligence Report provides comprehensive research on the latest menu and consumer trends related to c-store foodservice, pulling from myriad sources.