In preparation for Thanksgiving, add a bit of character to your holiday-themed products by making these turkey pops. While turkeys might seem like an obvious option for a Thanksgiving-themed cake pop, there are a number of ways to add some additional flair to your turkey pops.

Instead of fashioning the turkey’s feathers out of fondant, use three pieces of candy corn. On top of being a traditional autumn sweet, candy corn offers the perfect colorful fall accent with a creative flair.

In addition to candy corn as the feathers, pretzel sticks are a flavorful addition to any style cake pop. Poke two pretzel sticks into the base of the cake ball so they appear to be the turkey’s legs. In addition to being a great final touch, this contributes a savory flavor that really influences the overall flavor of the cake ball.

Oftentimes, adding just a few final touches can be the difference between your run of the mill pastry and a product that immediately catches the attention of your customers.