MGM Grand Detroit executive pastry chef Orlando Santos is using his creative dessert talent to create signature gourmet cupcakes and many other specialty desserts for Palette Dining Studio.
Before joining MGM Grand Detroit in 2012, Chef Santos starred on Bravo’s hit show “Top Chef Just Desserts.” Trained in the classical and contemporary art of pastries and artisanal chocolate, he is originally from the US Virgin Islands and incorporates that style as well as French and American flavors into his desserts.

When asked what his favorite cupcake is, he says the Chocolate Strawberry Champagne Sensation paired with his Orange Pineapple Sauce. Chef Santos went on to say, “I love creating unique flavor combinations to make people happy. Using my passion to make decadent desserts is fun and rewarding. It helps that they are a delicious treat and make thoughtful gifts.”

The cupcakes are sold inside the property’s buffet and are available in the classic chocolate and vanilla flavors, as well as options including strawberry and mocha. They can be purchased to enjoy while dining in and are among the few items that can be taken out. An order of one gourmet cupcake costs $5, and an order of four costs $18.

— Michigan Chronicle