Maybe a cupcake will help? That's the motto for Kansas City-based Smallcakes, a cupcakery whose owner has been seen on television shows including Food Network's Cupcake Wars and daytime talk show The View. And for owner Jeff Martin, the answer is a resounding, "Yes!"

Founded in Kansas city in 2008, Smallcakes offers 15 kinds of cupcakes daily, each freshly topped with swirls of velvety icing in traditional and modern flavors. After being featured on two television shows (including being featured in the "Whoopie's Favorite Desserts" segment of The View), Smallcakes caught the attention of Beautiful Brands International, who's portfolio includes FreshBerry stores and Camille's Sidewalk Cafe, among others.

"Smallcakes is the perfect addiition to the Beautiful Brands family of brands," says David Rutkauskas, BBI founder, president and CEO. "Camille and I first noticed Smallcakes when we saw the company featured on Food Network's Cupcake Wars, and after we tried them, we fell in love with the brand from the very first bite."

"You can't really help but smile when you eat a cupcake," Martin says. "That's really the idea behind Smallcakes—we wanted to provide a product to families and individuals where they can experience joy and happiness all by eating a cupcake. We're thrilled we can join with Beautiful Brands to take our successful business model and expand it worldwide."

Martin and his wife and Smallcakes co-owner, Brandy, will retain ownership of stores in the Kansas City market.