Placon, a major designer and manufacturer of custom and stock food, retail and medical device packaging products as well as recycled PETE materials, was recently honored with a Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) Thermoforming Division Award in the Roll-Fed Thin-Gauge category for its Evolutions Deli containers. The award was presented at the 2012 Thermoforming Conference held on September 23 in Grand Rapids, MI. The prestigious contest for thermoformers focuses on the latest advances and innovations in thermoform applications and design.

The tamper-evident and resistant Evolutions containers are designed for ready-to-eat foods and offer high leak resistance, strength and clarity. The container’s tight lid fit combined with a small lid flange that is turned downward and located below a small base perimeter rib provides strong tamper resistance. A corner tab snap is used to open the container, which, once opened, stays upright alerting retailers and consumers that the package has been opened.

With its slim perimeter profile and lid geometry, the packaging maximizes product visibility. The container’s base bottom corners are radius fillets which add structural strength, and its tight, leak resistant 360° seal helps keep juices, sauces and other liquids securely contained.

Produced from EcoStar environmentally responsible, food-grade recycled PETE, the containers contain up to 100% post-consumer recycled content. The high quality, sustainable containers are currently offered in base sizes ranging from 8 to 32 oz with one universal lid size available.