Terry Monk, owner of Chez RuRene Bakery in River Ridge, LA has a warning for bakers everywhere: Do not accept a wedding cake order from Steven Nicole.

Apparently, this wedding cake scam has been running for nearly two years, and the M.O. is always the same. He even sends the same photo of a five-tier wedding cake that he wants replicated to feed 300 people, and he wants it shipped to Canada.

The problem is, the credit cards he's using aren't good - often stolen - and the baker gets tricked into wiring $980 for shipping to a third-party shipper. "He's smart," Monk says. "Wires less than $1,000 don't require a photo ID."

Monk became suspicious quickly and is now working with authorities. Much of the details of the scam are the same every time, so be on the lookout for the following:

  • Initial call is made through a relay-call for the hearing impaired.
  • Follow-up email is from StevenNicole942@yahoo.com or StevenNicole611@yahoo.com
  • Photo is a five-part cake, at left, topped with floral arrays and the message, "Happy Married Life."
  • Nicole asks that you wire add $980 to his credit card and wire transfer the cash to a third-party shipper.