1. A #104 or #124 petal tip can be used to pipe balloons, by turning the rounded end up and holding the tip close to the cake. Keeping in one place, squeeze out a large teardrop shaped balloon. This will minimize switching decorating tips or bags and save time. (Note: #124 tip does not work with couplers) 

2. Always have red, blue and yellow food colors on hand. Although you may like to use a number of other colors, and it's convenient to keep them on hand, you will always be able to make any color you need if you keep the primary colors of red, blue and yellow on hand. If you run out of green or purple, you can make them as long as you have the primary colors.  

3. If you're lucky enough to be desiging you store's decorating area, take into consideration space for boards, fillings, Edible Images, colors and airbrush. And packaging...don't forget packaging. Keep it close enough to be able to get to, but far enough away that it stays clean. 

4. Texturing your icing or ice cream will add dimension to your Edible Image cakes. For example, create hills and ruts with your spatula on half of the top of the cake for the Big Truck Tires Edible Image design. Do your texturing before applying the Edible Image.  

5. Save a paper-backing sheet from an Edible Image. Use it to slide under larger images when getting ready to place on cake. This will make handling larger images easier.

6. Although for most efficiency in production it is best to do like tasks a the same time, if you find you have large numbers of cakes to produce, dividing up the production day will lower the possibility of repetitive-motion work injury. In other words, flat-ice for a while, then pipe for a while.