Bringing food and Halloween enthusiasts this year’s best disguises, The Daily Meal — Spanfeller Media Group's mega food site — has revealed its second annual collection of 13 Food Celebrity Halloween Masks. These culinary disguises are sure to turn heads at costume parties and candy-allotting doorsteps alike.

“Celebrity and pop culture allusions are dominating the costume aisles. Given that our community loves food, we want to provide them with the tools and tips to imitate their favorite personalities,” said Colman Andrews, editorial director of The Daily Meal. “Like any other community, it’s a way for us to share a tradition with our fans as well.”

The Daily Meal’s 13 Food Celebrity Halloween Masks include:

ANDREW ZIMMERN Unfortunately, even with zombie eyes, Zimmern is still a cutie patootie. Your best bet is to carry around an array of creepy crawlies and then devour in front of horrified strangers.

PAULA DEEN The pairing of creepy eyeholes with that giant mouth of pearly whites gives this mask an air of Southern-inflected terror. "I’m going to feed you several sticks of butter, y’all."

ANTHONY BOURDAIN Put on a disgruntled, hungover persona and prepare off-the-cuff monologues about how authentic/unbelievable/stupid some new/old/rediscovered food/culture/custom is.

GUY FIERI This makes the perfect Halloween mask if you think about it: instant recognition of the spiked white(ish) hair, piercings, fire-decal clothes, and complicated matching (dyed?) facial hair.

MARIO BATALI By all accounts, this chef-restaurateur and TV celebrity just seems like a guy you'd like to party with. Even cutout zombie eyes don't do much to make him look scary.

SANDRA LEE Cher, Madonna, Cleopatra — it seems only right, given all the times Aunt Sandy has dressed up in these costumes, that the Food Network's queen of Halloween should get her own mask. 

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