Hobart announced that it is upgrading its LXe Undercounter Commercial Dishwasher with a new Two-Level Racking System. The optional two-level racking kit will allow the dishmachine to wash two racks of dishes in a single load and boosts the total machine capacity to 48 racks per hour.

“This second level rack boosts the capacity of the machine by doubling the amount of ware that can be washed in a single cycle,” said Hobart Warewash Marketing Manager Jerry Socha. “Restaurants today are struggling with labor issues and need to do whatever they can to free up staff to focus on other tasks across the operation. This feature gives them the benefit of letting our machine do more work in less time, which speeds clean up and gets staff done and out earlier.”

The system is the only NSF certified two level racking solution and is exclusively available on the powerful Hobart LXe Undercounter Dishwasher, which delivers speed and high performance washing in a compact size, cleaning even the toughest food soils off a variety of dinner ware and prep ware.

Advanced technologies and the exclusive two-level racking system mean less time washing and more time in other parts of the operation. With its efficient design and advanced cleaning performance, operators use less water, energy, and chemicals. Low chemical alerts help ensure consistent cleaning and sanitization, and built-in chemical pumps with auto-prime simplify chemical changes, with less handling of chemicals.

The dishwasher is also easy to clean with interchangeable, snap-in wash and rinse arms, a deluxe strainer, smooth seamless interior and auto clean.

Learn more about how this machine and its exclusive racking system can do more for less by visiting the Hobart Booth # 4031 at NRA or at www.HobartClean.com