Arizona-based Phat Scooters, a leader in the personal and commercial electric scooter market, aims to revolutionize the food delivery market with the company’s new scooter, the Phleet. The product was launched at the 100th annual National Restaurant Association 2019 Show.

Designed specifically for food delivery, the Phleet scooter boasts a powerful and silent 100% electric motor, a battery that goes up to 75 miles on a charge, and the ability to drive in bike lanes to avoid traffic and the need for parking spots.

Why is this scooter allowed in the bike lane? The Phleet has a 749-watt electric motor with a maximum speed of 20 mph and fully operational pedals. Therefore, according to Phat Scooters, under most state laws, it is considered a Class II E-bike. This category does not require registration or specialty licensing, which keeps the scooter extremely economical for the business owner.

Additionally, it features three areas for food storage with plenty of opportunity for customized branding, so that the Phleet turns heads as a mobile billboard for the business while delivering the goods.

“The Phleet scooter will help create opportunities for local businesses to deliver foods in an economical and eco-friendly way,” says Peter Johnson, CEO of Phat Scooters. “The Phleet won’t get stuck in traffic and doesn’t get tired like a delivery bike rider would. It can zip around town efficiently and give business owners the opportunity to take back control of their delivery program or improve third-party services.”

The MSRP of new Phleet delivery scooter base model is $2,995, but Phat Scooters were offered to NRA show attendees special pricing starting at $2,395 for a limited time.