The annual Smile Cookie campaign is back at Tim Hortons restaurants in the United States starting Monday, April 29, through Sunday, May 5. Every purchase of a Smile Cookie — a baked-daily Tim Hortons Chocolate Chunk Cookie hand-decorated with a blue and pink icing smile — will help give back to local communities.

One hundred percent of profits ($1.50 per cookie) are donated to over 25 charities and community groups selected by local Tims restaurant owners. Across the US, donation recipients include local children-focused organizations, hospitals and community care organizations.

“Knowing that Tim Hortons supports [our local children's hospital and other charities] means the world to us. It means we have access to the technology and services that we need. And knowing that Smile Cookie can help other people like us is a fantastic feeling,” says Michelle McKinney, parent.

Nearby organizations that benefit from the week-long event can be found online.

“Every year, we look forward to this impactful charitable campaign that empowers guests to support important causes close to home while also enjoying delicious and adorably decorated Smile Cookies,” says Katerina Glyptis, president of Tim Hortons US. “Last year, our guests’ engagement led to a new record, raising over $400,000 for local youth and community organizations — and we’re looking forward to even more impact this year.”

The first Smile Cookie campaign launched in 1996 in Canada, originally raising funds for Hamilton Children’s Hospital. Since then, the annual charitable campaign has raised a total of more than $80 million across Canada and the United States for charities and organizations.