Leading wholesalers in the bread category are introducing a wide range of new product innovations that are geared to the needs of today’s consumers.

Farm to Market, a leading wholesale bread bakery in Kansas City, just announced the launch of its latest product, an all-natural white sliced sandwich bread.

“Our all-natural white bread is crafted with the finest ingredients, sourced directly from local farmers. Free from artificial preservatives, colors, and flavors, this bread is not only delicious but a healthier choice,” Farm to Market shares.

True to its name, Farm to Market Bread Co. guarantees that our white bread is baked and delivered fresh daily. Each loaf is carefully prepared in our local bakery, ensuring that it arrives at the nearest grocery store with the freshness and quality customers have come to expect.

“We believe in the power of natural ingredients and traditional baking methods to create a loaf that’s not just better for you, but also flavorful,” says John Friend, president of Farm to Market Bread Co. “This is an American classic done clean and fresh. I am unaware of any grocery store in Kansas City that offers white bread baked the day before with clean and simple ingredients.”