Inspired by the viral trend that took the internet by storm, fusing croissants and cookies, Danish bakery Ole & Steen has dreamt up four new decadent croissant creations.

These all-new trendy treats include:

  • Passionfruit & Marshmallow Croissant – Passionfruit compote and marshmallow whip stuffed croissant, dipped in chocolate and topped with toasted coconut
  • S’mores Croissant – Nutella and marshmallow whip stuffed croissant dipped in chocolate and topped with graham crackers
  • Cookie Croissant – Chocolate cookie-stuffed croissant
  • Almond Raspberry Croissant – Almond and raspberry jam-filled croissant

These new croissants and other treats like the bakery's fan-favorite Cinnamon Social and Lavender Lemonade are available at Smorgasburg every Friday this summer.