Ann Clark Ltd., a global baking supply company based in Rutland, Vermont, and Vermont’s Original Bag Balm, the iconic skincare brand born out of the Northeast Kingdom in 1899, have announced a partnership in celebration of Bag Balm’s 125th anniversary.

In honor of the skincare brand’s enduring legacy, Ann Clark has created two new cookie cutter shapes, a Tin in the shape of Bag Balm’s iconic green tin and a Cow Head. Both shapes are available on Bag Balm’s website for a limited time, and the cow head will be available on Ann Clark’s website.

“We're delighted to pay tribute to our baking community with this limited edition set of Bag Balm cookie cutters, made in Vermont by our friends at Ann Clark,” says Libby Parent, president of Bag Balm. “It’s the perfect pairing – a baker’s hands are busy in the kitchen, whether it’s washing dishes, kneading dough, or keeping a steady hand while decorating cakes and cookies. All this hard work is hard on the skin and that’s where Bag Balm comes in with moisturizing soaps and lotions to soothe tired hands.”

“Bag Balm’s little green tin can be found on many desks and counters at Ann Clark,” says Ben Clark, chief executive officer at Ann Clark. “We were ecstatic to honor this iconic Vermont brand in the best way we know how – with cookies. The Bag Balm Tin and Cow Head shapes are proud additions to our collection of 700+ cookie cutters currently in circulation.”

All products made by Bag Balm and Ann Clark are made in the USA. The two new cookie cutter shapes were made at Ann Clark’s Rutland, Vermont facility and are only available for a limited time.