Ann Clark LTD, an American manufacturer of Cookie Cutters brings their 15 varieties of sturdy, tin Cookie Cutters. The Made In America Store has brought 100% US manufactured products since April of 2010 and can finally announce American made Cookie Cutters.

The Made In America Store carries 15 different Cookie Cutter from Ann Clark LTD. Shapes include a Moose, Butterfly, Football, Mountain Bear, Christmas Tree, Maple Leaf, Gingerbread Boy, Snowflake, Snowman, Star, Heart, Bell, Candy Cane, Dog Bone, Pink Ribbon, Reindeer, Buffalo, Santa, Christmas Ornament, Angel and a Turkey.

Looking for new Cookie Cutters for the holiday season? The Made In America Store has 100% US manufactured Cookie Cutters from Ann Clark LTD!

Each Cookie Cutter from Ann Clark LTD comes with their own cookie recipe!

Ann Clark LTD’s journey as an American made company dates back to 1989 when Ann Clark started crafting her own pig-shaped Christmas ornament. Ann’s dream of someday making a business of her hard work came true in 1991 when she decided to present her paintings and crafts at the Philadelphia Gift Show.

Her booth at the craft show was a huge success, making over $3,500 with just 6 different cookie cutters and some hand crafted items.

The Made In America Store has a whole Department of 100% US manufactured bakeware including bowls, utensils and bake pans. Consumers looking to upgrade their kitchen utensils and tools can visit the Made In America Store’s E-commerce site at