Waring has announced the launch of the XPress Multipurpose Cooktop, a revolutionary dual-surface cooktop that quickly and easily prepares sweet or savory crêpes, quesadillas, tortillas, omelets, cheese crisps and more.

Recently named a featured recipient of the National Restaurant Association Show's 2024 Kitchen Innovations Awards, which celebrate cutting-edge equipment that's making a significant impact on the foodservice industry, the XPress maximizes output and efficiency for today's busy foodservice operations by evenly spreading crêpe batter and cooking both sides simultaneously, cutting cook time and eliminating the need to flip foods. With an aluminum cooking surface and embedded heating elements, the XPress heats up quickly and can flawlessly produce over 60 crêpes per hour.

“Waring is committed to driving innovation in restaurants across the world, crafting reliable solutions that help food service operators work more effectively and efficiently. From food trucks to crêperies to hotel breakfast bars, Waring's new XPress Multipurpose Cooktop is a best-in-class appliance that elevates a wide variety of dishes while delivering value to our customers,” says Daniel DeBari, general manager of Waring. “As our partners work to meet the tastes and demands of their customers, we're proud to introduce a time-saving tool that doesn't sacrifice the quality of production.”

The XPress Multipurpose Cooktop also features an electronic touchpad with precise temperature controls and a programmable countdown digital timer, creating a seamless experience where users can set the time and temperature, pour, then press for perfect results every time. The 13.5 inch triple-coated non-stick plates allow for easy removal of food and the XPress comes with a silicone crêpe spatula to fold crêpes while keeping the cooking surface and food intact.

“The XPress is a game-changer for any kitchen. Its exceptional design, performance, versatility, and ease of use make it a standout appliance that will revolutionize the way you cook and enjoy crepes,” says Christophe Rull, Executive Pastry Chef and 2021 USA Chocolate Master. “There's no need to flip the crepe anymore and the automatic timer is incredibly convenient; you can also use it for so many different applications - blinis, pancake, quesadillas, you name it. Say goodbye to mediocre crepes and hello to culinary perfection with Waring's Xpress!”

The XPress Multipurpose Cooktop will be on display at this year's National Restaurant Association Show at Waring's booths, #2716 and #3698. Waring is proud to also have the XPress featured at the Ferrero USA booth, #1268, where the cooktop will be used to make delicious crepes featuring a variety of Nutella spreads.