Duck Donuts has announced a groundbreaking partnership with Vibes, the intelligent mobile engagement platform, to introduce QuackChat, an innovative SMS rewards program designed to enhance engagement and communication with its valued guests.

QuackChat offers a seamless channel for Duck Donuts to sprinkle exclusive offers, new flavors and the latest happenings directly to registered mobile devices. Through this program, guests can opt-in to receive alerts about new flavors, special promotions and surprises, while also gaining access to offers that can be effortlessly saved to their mobile wallet for easy redemption.

QuackChat.jpgSource: Duck Donuts

“At Duck Donuts, we're committed to creating exceptional experiences for our guests not only through our in-store experience but digitally as well,” says Betsy Hamm, Duck Donuts chief executive officer. “Our partnership with Vibes and the launch of QuackChat rounds out the robust communication and marketing strategy we use to strengthen connections and keep our valued guests informed.”

Upon registering for QuackChat, guests will receive a welcome gift of a complimentary donut of their choice with purchase, as a token of appreciation for joining the Duck Donuts community. Available on all mobile carriers, guests can text DOZEN to 50282 to join. A welcome offer for a free donut will be sent to each new subscriber the following day. Offers can be saved directly to the user’s Mobile Wallet for convenient use during register or kiosk checkout.

“We’re delighted and frankly not surprised to see the initial success that Duck Donuts is having with the launch of QuackChat,” says Jack Philbin, Vibes chief executive officer. “The combination of SMS, Mobile Wallet and made-to-order donuts is an incredible driver of foot traffic and engaged guests. We can’t wait to see where Duck Donuts takes the program next.”