Crumbl, one of the fastest-growing dessert chains in the United States, has reached a significant milestone as it officially opened its 1,000th store after being in business for only six years. The Burbank, California Crumbl location is officially the company’s 1,000th store and recently celebrated its grand opening.

Reflecting on this milestone, co-founder Jason McGowan says, “From our very first store to our 1,000th, each location represents a story of hard work, community, franchise partner grit, and the joy of sharing our cookies with the world. But our journey doesn’t stop with store openings. Our vision extends beyond the physical presence in the market. It’s about nurturing the growth within EACH location, enhancing our customers’ experiences, and ensuring that every visit to Crumbl is memorable.”

Since being founded in 2017, Crumbl grown to have locations across all 50 states, plus Canada and Puerto Rico. After being heavily focused on cookies for several years, the chain has expanded into non-cookie offerings such as its Tres Leches Cake and Cinnamon Squares.