Insomnia Cookies is celebrating its milestone 200th location with a weekend of free cookies for its Insomniacs. From June 25-27, Insomnia Cookies Loyalty Members can receive a free 6-pack of cookies.

To redeem their free 6-pack, members can use code CELEBRATE200 for local delivery or pickup, or mention the 200th store celebration and show their loyalty account in-store via the Insomnia Cookies mobile app. There is no purchase minimum to redeem the free 6-pack.

“When I started the company in my dorm room 18 years ago, never in my wildest dreams did I think I would open 200 stores,” says Seth Berkowitz, founder and chief executive officer of Insomnia Cookies. “We would not have made it to where we are today without our loyal Insomniacs, whose passion for cookies has solidified Insomnia as the ultimate crave-worthy, late-night bakery, and I cannot wait to see where they help to take the brand in the future.”

In the past two years, Insomnia Cookies has opened almost 50 locations, with 25 stores opening in the last 12 months, despite dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. Other milestones achieved over the past year include the opening of CookieLab, the launch of CookieMagic (the nation’s first “unlimited cookie” membership featuring one free cookie per day and free delivery), the addition of vegan cookies to the menu, opening three kosher-certified bakeries in Philadelphia and New York and the launch of the Insomnia Shop online retail store.