Cooking at home with family has been shown to nurture physical health and develop cultural and family bonds, and there’s no better time to come together than over Christmas. From mouthwatering cakes and cookies to seasonings, rice and breading, Phyllis Ann’s Family Recipes is making it simple to spend time with family in the kitchen. Featuring 38 boxed recipes based on the home recipes of family chef Phyllis Ann Carter like holiday favorite Southern Pound Cake, Phyllis Ann’s is bringing families together this holiday season.

Phyllis Ann’s is a family brand through and through. The company’s popular boxed mixes are based on the beloved recipes of Phyllis Ann, whose children created a packaged food company to share these with all. Phyllis Ann would cook extensive feasts for her family’s holiday gatherings, with dessert being a favorite course. Each of her four children had their favorite cake — Rich German Chocolate for Tanikia and Antonio, Strawberry for Kathy, and Carrot for Rodrigues.

In 2020, her children decided it was time to share their mother’s beloved recipes with the world. Since, Katherine, Tanikia, Rodrigues, Antonio, Rodrigues’ wife Nicole, and Antonio’s wife Dawanna have built Phyllis Ann’s Recipes into a booming food brand, selling and sampling Phyllis Ann’s popular boxed mixes at their Polaris Center storefront in Columbus, Ohio and online.