Three Brothers Bakery has seen its share of disasters. The bakery in Houston, Texas has experienced many hardships caused by four floods, a hurricane, and a fire. Just over one year ago, Hurricane Harvey decimated the Southeastern Texas area, including the bakery.

The city and its businesses are still in recovery mode, which is why Three Brothers Bakery is asking shoppers this holiday season to give their business to Houston and other disaster zones throughout the country. People are encouraged to join the Shop Disaster Zones movement, which inspires consumers to buy from areas of the country that have been affected by natural disasters, helping small businesses recover faster.

“With so many recent natural disasters in our country, it’s important to come together and support struggling small businesses,” says Bobby Jucker, Three Brothers Bakery co-owner. “Whether you’re helping small businesses in South Carolina, California, Florida, here in Houston, or wherever you may have loved ones that have been affected, one purchase can truly make a difference.”

Three Brothers Bakery recently launched a new online store, making it easier than ever for customers from all across the U.S. to shop online. “We are over a year removed from Hurricane Harvey, but Houston is still rebuilding,” says Janice Jucker, bakery co-owner. “We revamped our website and online store because we need the support of shoppers outside of our community. We are trying to start the movement to #ShopDisasterZones.”

Among the items Three Brothers Bakery is offering this holiday season are its award-winning Pecan Pie, which was recently named to Country Living magazine’s “8 best mail order pies” list for the second time, and Cookie Button Pails, which feature a half pound of mix and match flavors of bite-sized cookies, available in Ginger Bread, Sugar, Chocolate Chip, and Peanut Butter.