To provide an update on its commitment to driving positive impact, Krispy Kreme has published its inaugural Be Sweet Responsibility Report, a detailed, data-driven analysis of the brand’s progress and future goals tied to three key pillars of responsibility: Loving Our Krispy Kremers, Loving Our Communities and Loving Our Planet.

“As we aspire to be the world’s most loved sweet treat brand, we take seriously our responsibility to drive positive impact, and none of our accomplishments are possible without our amazing team members, who are the heartbeat of our company,” says Krispy Kreme chief executive officer Mike Tattersfield. “For everyone at Krispy Kreme, being sweet is an ongoing mission, and we’ll keep striving to make a positive difference in the long-term.”

“This report reflects our focus and commitment to driving progress in the areas that matter most to our team members, consumers, customers, and everyone engaged with the world’s most loved sweet treat,” adds Krispy Kreme’s Josh Charlesworth, who will transition to president and chief executive officer on January 1, 2024. “We are putting a firm stake in the ground on our commitment to Be Sweet in every element of our operations, in the communities we serve, and for the planet.”

The Be Sweet responsibility strategy was developed after a comprehensive materiality assessment that included input from more than 60 internal and external stakeholders to identify the most critical risk areas and opportunities for the brand. This work resulted in the identification of 27 material topics, from which ten emerged as top priorities. Ultimately, these priorities were consolidated into the three key focus areas outlined in the report:

  • Loving Our Krispy Kremers – Krispy Kreme leadership focused on increasing diversity and promoting belonging throughout the company. As a result, it saw a strong 73 percent “belonging” score in its 2022 Krispy Kremer engagement survey and validated key strengths regarding acceptance and equal opportunity, among others. The report also identifies significant diversity among team members and corporate employees. Krispy Kreme has established a global goal to achieve gender parity by the end of 2025.
  • Loving Our Communities – The report highlights team members’ participation in thousands of Acts of Joy, volunteering and participating in local community events across the globe. Additionally, Krispy Kreme fundraising initiatives helped community groups raise $40 million globally and supported more than 83,000 events in the US alone in 2022.
  • Loving Our Planet – The company began to measure its energy footprint and carbon emissions in order to chart a path for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, it established 2025 goals to divert 50 percent of food waste from landfills and to achieve 80 percent recyclable or compostable packaging.