Premium commercial food equipment manufacturer Hobart has announced the availability of its new HSL130 spiral mixer. This 130-pound capacity model – which joins the company’s 180-, 220-, 300- and 440-pound spiral mixer options – gently incorporates ingredients for artisan breads and Neapolitan pizza dough, which is ideal for smaller bakery operations and specialty pizza shops.

“Our customers have come to rely on the consistent performance of our HSL spiral mixers,” says Carolyn Bilger, marketing director, Hobart Food Equipment Group. “We are pleased to add a new model for those who are mixing smaller batches. They are sure to gain the same trusted results to make great dough every time.”

The HSL130 spiral mixer offers bidirectional bowl rotation (15 rpm) to improve consistency, while also allowing operators to mix batches of dough as small as 10 percent of the mixer’s maximum capacity. Hobart precisely engineered the bowl and hook rotation to lower friction and temperature increases by gently and quickly kneading the dough, allowing for ideal leavening. A double pulley belt-driven motor increases torque for mixing heavy loads of dough and the mixer features two speeds that automatically shift from first (100 rpm) to second (200 rpm) to deliver greater mixing consistency. To support operator assurance, the mixer’s wire frame bowl guard interlock prevents the spiral arm from running when the guard is up.

In addition to reliable performance, Hobart designed the HSL130 spiral mixer with durability and ease of cleaning in mind. It is constructed with a steel body frame and cast aluminum hood with a powder coat finish, and the bowl, guard and dough hook are stainless steel. The mixer’s kneading zone is crevice-free, making it quick and easy to clean since it minimizes debris collection. Front and rear casters make it simple for operators to move the mixer for cleaning.

To simplify use and improve productivity, the mixer includes a bowl-pulsing system that speeds dough removal and a dual electronic timer that operators can preset between 0 to 20 minutes. The mixer will shift to high speed when it completes the low-speed time cycle.