Elegant presentation has swept into the decorated cake business with a zestful flurry. No longer are customers are satisfied with a simple cake with just frosting. They crave multiple flavors and creative decorations that are eye-catching and make a bold statement.   

A wide variety of cake flavors are featured at Araceli’s Bakery in Lexington, Kentucky where owner Jonathan Cervantes points out that offering numerous choices ensures that you maximize your appeal to customers.

The bakery offers up to 10 flavors of tres leches cakes, which are offered as 8-inch cakes, 12-inch cakes or individual slices.

Flavors include mocha, strawberry, pecan, cheese, caramel, fruit medley, Oreo, pineapple and peach.

Customers can also order a variety of sizes of flan or chocoflan: cup, small, large or heart shape.

“People like different flavors, so we make sure that everyone has different options,” Cervantes shares.

Tito Dominguez of Panadería La Conchita in Nashville, Tennessee, says they are witnessing growing demand for single-serve cakes that are elaborate in flavor and design.

“Many people don’t want a full cake. They want a great slice. We offer many flavors of single serve, 8-inch rounds and quarter sheets. If they want a larger cake, they can order it in advance.”

Araceli’s Bakery specializes in tres leches cakes, and now is striving to integrate more flavors and textures, as well as crispy treats.

“It is crazy what you can do with cakes. Our top seller is probably fresh strawberries, and we also have pineapple and peach,” Cervantes says. “We started making mocha cakes and cheesecakes, and they have both been a big hit. We are trying to keep up with the wave of what is new. BakeMark is a very big help to us. They always are there when we need something. We couldn’t run the business without it.”

Add a shimmery flair

Through its innovative Sprinkelina line, BakeMark offers bakeries the ability to add a shimmery flair to any cake creation.

There are 16 single colors available, including pink, gold, or silver, along with everyday mixes, including new choices Neon Party and Magical Rainbow.

Customers are encouraged to check with their BakeMark sales rep for product availability in your region.

Color options include seasonal mixes including new Spooky, along with Autumn, Halloween, Jingle, Christmas, and Winter/Hanukkah.

In addition, Twinkle Pearls enable you to dazzle your creations with a “magical shimmer.” Sparkling color options include white, yellow, pink, orange, red, purple, blue, green, and chocolate.

The Sprinkelina line also includes nonpareils, decorating sugars, shapes, designer blends, Sprinkelina Glitter Glaze, and piping gel.