Verzênay, a French bakery in Chicago’s Lincoln Park, looks to elevate Thanksgiving with traditional pies and authentic French delights. The bakery’s seasonal holiday pies that are sold whole or by the slice include:

  • Pumpkin (gingerbread cookie crust and chef blend of pumpkin spice mix)
  • Apple (all-butter pie crust, Granny Smith apples, almonds, dark brown sugar and spices)
  • Pecan (all-butter pie crust, pecans, lyle syrup and dark brown sugar)
  • French Silk (chocolate shortbread cookie crust, dark chocolate mousse, hazelnut praline feuilletine and whipped cream)

Verzênay also offers buttery brioche dinner rolls, perfect for Thanksgiving meals, as well as Thanksgiving quiches.

For dessert, the bakery’s spiced carrot cake, featuring fruits, nuts and cream cheese mousse, is rich and magnificent. It’s topped with cream cheese frosting and garnished with fresh flowers. Also available are individual pumpkin cakes topped with cream cheese mousse, as well as the Royale, a French delight featuring layers of chocolate biscuit, hazelnut feuilletine and milk chocolate-hazelnut praline mousse.

All Thanksgiving orders come with a special complimentary treat. “It is our way of saying ‘thank you for making Verzênay part of your Thanksgiving celebration. It brings us much joy,’” says owner and chef Arshiya Farheen.