Over the past several years, TOUS les JOURS has been ramping up its coffee offerings under the guidance of the brand’s award-winning barista and beverage research & development specialist Alex Hager.  

Thanks to Hager’s expertise, the bakery chain has grown its beverage lineup to over 40 unique offerings, including the Honey Lavender Macchiato and Ube Latte. The beverage offerings complement TOUS les JOURS’ expansive cake, pastry and bread menu, allowing guests to satisfy their craving for a sweet treat accompanied by the perfect coffee to go alongside it.  

In honor of National Coffee Day on September 29 and International Coffee Day on October 1, Alex Hager is rounding up her recommendations for how to expertly couple TOUS les JOURS’ coffee and cakes.  

They include:

  • Orange Cream Cake & Café Mocha – The brighter floral notes of orange complement the sweetness and richness of a mocha, while chocolate balances the intense orange aromatics.
  • Chocolate Cloud Cake & Hazelnut Latte – A balance of sweet chocolate, bitter hazelnut and tart strawberry combine to create flavors of Nutella coated strawberries.   
  • Peach Cream Cake & Cold brew Tonic – The Cold brew Tonic blends sweet peach syrup, with bittersweet tonic water and cold brew to create a fruity effervescent coffee beverage that highlights the peaches in the Peach cream cake while complementing the creamy sweetness of the cake’s white chocolate shavings.
  • Blueberry Yogurt Cloud Cake & Iced Matcha Espresso – The grassy notes from the matcha and nutty notes of coffee blend perfectly with the dark berry sweetness of blueberries and the tartness of yogurt cloud cream. Berries and Matcha are a classic pairing, and coffee complements them with a little balancing bitterness.
  • Earl Grey Latte Cake & Honey Lavender Macchiato – The Honey Lavender Macchiato adds layers of floral notes and complexity that complement the bittersweet chocolate and creamy Earl Grey Latte cloud cream.  
  • Tiramisu & Cappuccino – Rich mascarpone cheese and Valrhona cocoa powder complement the more intense espresso flavor of the Cappuccino which helps to cut through the richness of the Tiramisu.