TOUS les JOURS is celebrating Mother’s Day with its “Roses for Mom” collection featuring a selection of rose-themed desserts. New to the menu for a limited time at the French-Asian bakery café chain’s 70+ US locations are four decadent cakes adorned with delicate rose accents.

“Inspired by a vibrant and fragrant bouquet of roses, each dessert in our ‘Roses for Mom” collection is as exceptional as the special people we are fortunate to call ‘mom,’” says Joon Kwon, marketing manager for TOUS les JOURS. “Much in the same way you would bring your mom flowers on her special day, gifting a selection from our ‘Roses for Mom’ collection is a memorable and extra sweet way to show how much you care.”

Available from April 29 to May 8, the “Roses for Mom” Collection includes:

  • Rosette Cake – A strawberry sponge cake covered in delicate strawberry buttercream piped in rosettes
  • Hazelnut Pistachio Cake – White sponge cake filled with Nutella jam and coated in hazelnut buttercream, decorated with pistachios, rose petals and piped pink roses
  • Raspberry Mousse Cake – Raspberry mousse layered atop green tea sponge cake and crowned with Cloud cream and fresh raspberries
  • Mocha Cloud – Light and fluffy mocha sponge cake topped with salted caramel and coffee-infused whipped cream, adorned with a sprinkle of chocolate covered espresso beans and rosebuds

TOUR les JOURS will also offer Rose & Coffee Macaron sets as well as Art Of Tea’s Rose Black Tea, which will be available in a box or tin, alongside its rose-themed cakes.