Shipley Do-Nuts has announced that it has opened up franchise development opportunities in Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri and Ohio and is actively seeking qualified franchise candidates to open its first Midwest locations.

With more than 340 locations across 12 states, Shipley is also offering a new incentive program to potential franchisees. Single-unit franchisees who open their shop within 14 months of executing their agreements will pay reduced royalties of 1 percent of gross receipts for a year. Multi-unit franchisees who open more than one shop within a specified time frame will get a reduction in royalties for a year and 50 percent off the franchise fee.

“Opening up territories in the Midwest and offering incentives for potential new franchisees is part of our strategic growth plan to expand the brand nationwide, tackling one region at a time to build awareness and density before expanding further,” says Shipley Do-Nuts chief executive officer Flynn Dekker. “Shipley has been extremely well-received in new states such as Maryland and Georgia, which we opened earlier this year. This is a great opportunity for potential franchisees to bring the brand to lucrative markets like Cincinnati, St. Louis, Kansas City, Indianapolis and many more throughout the Midwest.”

The chain has been experiencing double-digit same-store sales growth, up 10.9 percent year-over-year in Q2 2023. An upgraded website has spurred online sales to 23 percent over last year, and Shipley recently launched its first-ever loyalty program, Shipley Do-Happy Rewards. 

Shipley is expected to nearly double in size over the next five years. In addition to opening up the Midwest, Shipley is actively recruiting franchisees in Colorado, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Florida and throughout the Southeast.