Bimbo Bakeries USA brand Entenmann’s is partnering with sweet baked goods company Baked by Melissa to launch a limited-edition collection of miniature cupcakes in celebration of Entenmann’s 125th anniversary. The bite-sized cakes are available in the following flavors:

  • Devil’s Food Crumb, a play on Entenmann’s Devil Food Crumb Donut, with a chocolate cake base, fudge stuffing, chocolate frosting and a crumb topping made of the signature donut.
  • Chocolate chip cookie, made with yellow cake and miniature chocolate chips, filled with cookie dough and topped with chocolate frosting and a piece of Entenmann’s chocolate chip cookie.
  • Party cake, made with vanilla cake and topped with vanilla frosting and Entenmann’s Rainbow Sprinkle Blend.

"As soon as we found out that Melissa was a long-time fan of Entenmann's, we knew we had to tap her to help celebrate our big milestone birthday," said Catherine Danielowich, senior brand manager at Entenmann’s. "Their expertise in delicious and innovative mini-cupcakes and birthdays, combined with our beloved baked goods recipes, has resulted in a delicious trio of Entenmann's-inspired cupcakes we can't wait for our fans to try."

The limited-edition cupcake flavors will be available in 25-pack and 6-pack collections online and at select retailers while supplies last.

"As a kid, many of my after-school snacks were from Entenmann's — I used to eat the topping from the Devil's Food Crumb Donuts before diving into the donut," said Melissa Ben-Ishay, co-founder and chief executive officer of Baked by Melissa. "Entenmann's treats have such a unique flavor that takes me back to those afternoons, and now, I couldn't be more excited to partner with Entenmann's to celebrate their 125th birthday."