This July 4th, Kraft Singles is partnering with Little Pie Company to create the Kraft Singles Apple Pie. The single-serve pie combines two iconic American foods: Kraft Singles and traditional apple pie.

The Kraft Singles Apple Pie is a one-of-a-kind pie featuring hand-cut golden delicious apples mixed with cinnamon, nutmeg, light brown sugar and melty Kraft Singles baked within. Each five-inch pie is topped with a Kraft Single.

“Kraft Singles is a small ingredient that makes a big difference, and we are on a mission to make simple irresistible and reignite America’s love for Kraft American Cheese,” says Kelsey Rice, associate director for Kraft Singles at the Kraft Heinz Company. “Melting cheese on top of apple pie is a tradition we see many of our fans enjoy, so we wanted to remind people that Kraft Singles multiplies the enjoyment of whatever food you are eating and inspire new ways to enjoy our product beyond the grill.”

Starting Thursday, June 22, cheese lovers can find the Kraft Singles Apple Pie in-store at Little Pie Company in New York City and can also purchase for nationwide fresh delivery via Goldbelly, while supplies last. The Kraft Singles Apple Pie in store will be sold for $10.95 and on Goldbelly for $44.95 (before shipping), which includes a recipe card, two single five-inch pies and two packs of Kraft Singles for melting.

“At Little Pie Company, we take pride in our pies made from scratch, and are always thinking of ways to bring new flavors and experiences to our fans,” says Arnold Wilkerson, creator of Little Pie Company. “When Kraft Singles approached us about creating a limited-edition pie featuring their iconic square, we were so excited and confident we could nail the recipe. Simply good and ready to eat, the Kraft Singles Apple Pie is sure to be a delight for all this Fourth of July.”