Established in Europe in 1983, Banquet d’Or celebrates 40 years of history marked by creativity and success. A leader in the frozen bakery product industry, Banquet d'Or is a multifaceted brand that offers a wide range of pastries and frozen breads to catering professionals and bakers all over the world. Banquet d’Or’s successful expansion-first into the United States and now into the Canadian market is due to its innovation, authentically French pastries, and partnership with its customers.

“Our passion for creating quality European pastries that are as easy to bake as they are to love is equal only to our enthusiasm for expanding our reach across the U.S. and Canada,” says Raoul Dexters, general manager for Vandemoortele North America.

Banquet d'Or was born from a passion for authentic puff pastry. In response to market demand and continued innovation, the brand evolved over time from a pastry sheet provider to a leader in frozen pastries and bread.

As a long-standing player in the European bakery market that has expanded globally, Banquet d’Or’s rich history guarantees consistent and high-quality products crafted from authentic French recipes. Building on that foundation, Banquet d'Or owes its worldwide success to the patented Bake’Up® technology launched in 2000. This revolutionary technology reduces the weight of its raw pastries by 60%, facilitating storage and transport, while significantly reducing the carbon footprint associated with shipping frozen products. It also allows for the transport and storing of high-quality frozen pastries that are completely ready-to-bake, without need for defrosting, proofing, or changing the recipes.

“The Bake’Up process is truly remarkable in its ability to quickly provide the same quality and freshly baked product a skilled pastry chef could produce with many more hours of labor. This is a gamechanger for customers looking for high quality products at significant time and cost savings,” says Johan Coppens, Banquet d’Or culinary advisor and Masterbaker.

Committed to tradition and authenticity, Banquet d'Or also is poised for future innovation based on market expectations and customer needs.

With a rapidly expanding reach, Banquet d'Or is present in more than 28 countries and has adapted its offerings to the culinary identity of each by creating area-specific product ranges. As an authentic representative of French-style bakery products, its best-sellers across all countries are, unsurprisingly, the baguette and its half-size and the croissant.

Banquet d'Or is a true partner to its customers, developing solutions for everyone’s needs. From catering managers to seasoned chefs, Banquet d’Or’s customers find a variety of options within the full portfolio, which includes raw, pre-proofed, ready-to-bake or thaw-and-serve frozen products that can be adapted to any type of customer, but also culinary doughs that give free creative rein to chefs.