Primera Technology, Inc., a leading manufacturer of specialty color printers, features the Eddie, the world’s first-and-only NSF and GMP-certified edible ink printer for printing onto cookies and other food items. Eddie makes the process of printing on to cookies, candy, white chocolate, biscuits, macarons, and much more easier. The machine prints a dozen 3.5-inch (89mm) cookies or other similar-sized items in just two minutes. The included carousel feeder rotates the cookies to the print position, the printer pulls in cookies one at a time, prints and sends them back to the carousel – all automatically and hands-free.

Printed cookies or other food items will be dry and ready for sale immediately after printing. Printed images are bright, vibrant, smudge-resistant and even color-matched to ICC Color Standards.

Eddie prints on a variety of foods, including onto certain frostings or directly onto cookies, biscuits, and more. Although bakeries may want to develop their own glazes and frostings, for best results, Primera sells a bulk frosting mix that delivers optimal whiteness and print quality.

Out of the box, Eddie is equipped to print items from 3.0” to 3.5” with a maximum thickness of .75”. With the purchase of custom trays, that can be extended to accommodate items from 1.5” (38mm) to 4.5”(114.5mm).

Many applications

Personalization is all the rage in today’s consumer and B2B markets. Here are just a few ideas of how Eddie can produce new profits in commercial settings from bakeries to amusement parks:

Print onto cookies and candy for birthday parties, baby showers, bar or bat mitzvahs, for Christmas and holiday gifts, and more.

Cookies printed with company logos make a huge impact as trade show giveaways, or at meetings, and other special occasions.

Wedding planners, hotels, and restaurants are excited to offer custom printed items for wedding receptions, anniversaries, and other celebrations.

Amusement parks and FFCs can use Eddie to print custom images that commemorate their patrons’ time at the facility. Built-in blue and green colored lights turn on during printing and can even blink. Crowds will gather, watching Eddie do his work while the built-in light show complements his performance.