Crumbl Cookies is introducing a brand new feature on the Crumbl App called the Cookie Journal. Customers can now rate and track cookies, share their reviews with other Crumbl fans and earn achievements.

All flavors past and present live in the Cookie Journal’s Catalog of Cookies and are ready to be rated and reviewed by cookie fans. Reviews are public to anyone on the app, and can be ‘upvoted’ or ‘downvoted’ by others.

This feature allows fans to see what others have to say about each week’s lineup, and set up notifications so you they don’t miss their favorite flavors when they come back into rotation.

The Cookie Journal Menu offers a variety of review categories. Users can check out their own review history, the most-loved cookie flavors, popular cookies, the current lineup and more. All reviews get a “verified purchase” badge when the cookie review is linked to an order. As customers make purchases with their accounts, they will also earn achievements based on frequent visits, favorite flavors and cookies reviewed.

Fans can access the Cookie Journal via the Crumbl App on the More tab. They can review any cookie flavor by typing a cookie name in the search bar and selecting it.