In the online world, trends come and go at such a fast pace that you can miss a pastry hype or baking craze in the blink of an eye. Have you been able to keep track of every microtrend and hype that popped up in the last year? Test yourself and see how many you can tick off in the list below.

As reported online from Puratos’ innovative Taste Tomorrow, these are the 2022 hypes you might have missed:

Freak cakes

Hip Instagram bakers are opting for a less polished look by creating cakes that are artsy, maximalist and slightly weird. Think: asymmetrical designs in unusual colors such as black and blue and decorated with fresh flowers, spray paint and jelly. The freak cake is challenging the strict traditions of the patisserie world. 

Cartoon cake

The cartoon cake is a trompe-l'oeil: it looks like a two dimensional drawing, but it’s actually a very real cake. The use of classic birthday cake designs, bright colors, black lines and white accents all contribute to the illusion. But there are also versions that imitate one large piece of birthday cake. It’s a relatively easy design that achieves maximum effect.

Plant-based snacks

Plant-based pastry, chocolates and baked goods are hardly niche anymore, rather it’s a trend that producers simply have to cater to in order to stay relevant. Did you know 1 in 3 consumers buys plant-based food on a weekly basis? Vegan products meet the contemporary consumer’s desires, they want foods with health benefits and foods that are ethical. 

The newest hybrid: Baklava cheesecake

Combining two products consumers know and love is almost always a recipe for success, especially if you’re a pastry chef. So each year we see a surge of new pastry hybrids, all hoping to become the new cruffin. 

Have you already spotted the latest one? It’s baklava-cheesecake. The crispy and sweet dessert from Turkey, Greece, and the Middle East mixes perfectly with the creamy and fresh classic cheesecake. All the best textures combined in one treat.

Dessert bars

Jackie Joseph, award-winning chef and owner of JJ Bakes & Co, predicts that the concept of the dessert bar will become increasingly modern and highly customized in 2023. 

“Dessert is no longer to be enjoyed at the end of the event, but a staple centerpiece to the event as a whole. From made-to-order liquid nitrogen ice cream, to intricate mini desserts and individually customized packaged sweets, the elevated dessert bar is the next level of eatertainment.”

Joseph is part of Mondelēz International Foodservice’s progressive network of Brand Ambassadors, a group of notable and celebrity chefs—to share what they see as the next big trends in foodservice this year.