Bay State Milling Company has announced the launch of Wingold Wellness multi-purpose flour, a better-for-you blend that offers three times the gut-healthy fiber of traditional refined wheat flour with the same taste, functionality and quality.

Powered by Bay State Milling's HealthSense High-Fiber Wheat Flour, Wingold Wellness is a 1:1 replacement for traditional refined wheat flour, providing a good source of fiber across several applications including pizza, pasta, bread and tortillas without the need for fiber additives.

“We’re excited to offer an innovative take on our legacy product to meet the growing consumer and industry demand for natural foods that have real health benefits,” says Ed Fish, vice president and general manager of the company’s Varietal Solutions business unit. “This product launch provides a glimpse into the future of HealthSense, which can be used to easily elevate and extend both legacy flour brands and our customers’ products.”

Milled at Bay State Milling’s facility in Winona, Minnesota, Wingold Wellness is available in 50-pound sacks and offers an opportunity for manufacturers and distributors of all sizes to meet consumer desire for better-for-you versions of wheat-based foods without sacrificing taste for nutrition.