Satin Ice introduces ready-to-use Edible Paint, which will help decorators and cake artists add a creative finish to your treats without compromising on taste. Use the colors straight from the tube or mix any together to create new and exciting shades.

Once the Edible Paint has dried on your surface, there will not be a taste. 

Satin Ice Edible Paint is available in a variety of colors: primary: red, yellow, green, blue, black; metallic: gold, silver, pearl, rose gold, and charcoal.

For best results, shake the tube well and open the tube of paint upright. Cut the tip to size, then carefully pour the paint into a painter’s palette.

Use the paint for fine details, outlining, or intricate designs with a skinny round brush. 

When applying paint to a larger surface, Satin Ice recommends using a wide flat brush to achieve smooth coverage. If a second coat is needed, wait for the first coat to dry.

For metallic paint, the pearlescent pigments may separate and settle in the tip of the tube. Use a toothpick to unclog. Store tip up.

Edible Paints can be mixed together to create unique shades. For example, combine yellow and green to achieve a bright green color or mix red and yellow to get a beautiful orange hue. The possibilities are endless.

Cleaning and storage

When finished, rinse the brush with dish soap and water and set aside to dry. Clear the clogged tip by pressing a toothpick or pin through the tip of the tube.

Wipe the tip clean after use. To avoid settling in the tip of the tube, store paints with the tip side up at room temperature. It will take between 1-3 hours for the paint to dry depending on how thick the coat is. Applications include fondant, gum paste, royal icing / cookie icing, crusted buttercream, sugar cookies, macarons, and marshmallows.