According to Capterra’s TikTok Marketing Survey data, at least one in 10 small businesses using TikTok has gone viral on the app. Millions of views are within reach for businesses with great content.

Whereas Instagram’s content suggestion algorithm can feel like an oligarchy dominated by legacy brands and Hollywood celebrities, TikTok’s “For You” page has been characterized as a meritocracy. Tiktok’s algorithm suggests posts that are likely to appeal to users’ unique interests and behaviors, rather than preferentially pushing posts created by accounts that are already popular.

TikTok also seeks to present a variety of topics and themes as users scroll its seemingly bottomless content recommendations, so it’s constantly looking for fresh posts. If yours can hook viewers in the first few seconds of play, it has a decent chance of doing numbers.

 While there’s no magic recipe for creating viral TikTok content, you can follow a few best practices to hook viewers:

  • Prioritize video quality. Businesses marketing on TikTok say a post’s image quality and aesthetic appeal is the most important performance determinant. Attractive visuals will help keep viewers engaged.
  • Set the mood. Over half of businesses stick to content that’s either humorous, energizing, or educational. Ambient or calming videos are best left to other platforms.
  • Offer a unique perspective: 66% of businesses say their best-performing organic content is original and not inspired by trends, beating out posts based on viral sounds (44%) or hashtags (38%).