DoorDash recently announced the launch of a new Reporting API to allow its merchants to safely and securely access data about their sales, operations and finances directly or through select partners ItsaCheckmate and Nextbite. The tool allows for easy access to data in a reliable and scalable manner.

DoorDash’s Reporting API allows a merchant developer or preferred partner to request and access a standard set of reports about their sales on the DoorDash Marketplace. With this addition, a DoorDash merchant can now access data about their DoorDash sales in multiple ways, including:

  • Business Manager App: Merchants can keep track of their business performance directly on a Merchant Mobile App.
  • Report Builder: Merchants can create custom reports that are generated in a downloadable .csv format.
  • Portal Dashboards: DoorDash merchants can view charts and detailed tables in the DoorDash Merchant Portal.
  • Reporting API: Starting today, merchants and select partners can request and access DoorDash reports directly.

“DoorDash’s mission is to grow and empower local economies. In addition to helping merchants grow through our best-in-class logistics platform, DoorDash continues to develop tools that provide unique insights for its merchants partners,” says Tom Pickett, chief revenue officer at DoorDash. “The new Reporting API, along with the many other tools already available to our partners, allows a merchant’s own data warehouse to seamlessly access sales, operations or finance data and run custom analyses to best manage and grow their business.”

DoorDash’s Merchant Reporting API is a programmatic interface to access data from the DoorDash platform. The API enables merchants to request and access standardized reporting to be consumed by their own data warehouse and/or platform. This is an alternative to navigating through the DoorDash Merchant Portal to access data. With the Reporting API integration, US merchants can now request a report directly and then follow instructions in the API system to download their report.