Introducing the world's only flavor-enhancing, all-natural, sugar-free and keto-friendly sweetener blend, SilkySweet is the perfect product for those choosing to reformulate premium sweetened (with inferior-tasting and/or unhealthy sweeteners) foods and beverages.

SilkySweet is available in 3 levels of concentration: SilkySweet INTENSE 1:1, SilkySweet 8x, and Allulose/Bulk-Free SilkySweet 125-200x. It achieves flavor profiles superior to pure cane sugar, yet delivers ultimate health benefits. For the first time, the healthiest will be the tastiest! Order your free lab samples at SilkySweet's website.

When formulating for optimal sweetness and flavor profile, start with 1:1(vs cane sugar formulations), then if you find this too sweet try reductions of 10%, 20% or 30% until the perfect balance of flavor and sweetness is achieved. SilkySweet's 1:1 Sweetness Intensity is designed to allow optimal cost efficiency when reformulating to replace your current sweeteners.