In the year 2000, picture cakes were the hottest thing since sliced bread. What better way to
personalize a cake?  Slap a picture on it and send it out the door. Great profit, small learning curve, just let the printer do the work and move on to the next cake.

Thirteen years later picture cakes are old school technology. Everybody does it, everybody has seen it, but pictures are still a great way to personalize a cake. The time has come to go beyond a picture on the cake and discover the possibilities of what the Premium Icing Sheet™ can do for you. Icing Images was the first to unveil a flexible icing sheet. This icing sheet is an amazing versatile tool that is used in so many facets of cake decorating.

The Big Three at IBIE
Icing Images introduces The New Spellbinders® Sweet Accents™ for Icing Images®. The first and only food safe, professional grade die cutting, embossing and stenciling system for professional cake decorators of every skill. It uses no electricity, no computer and has a very small learning curve. This machine can revolutionize your bakery simply and easily. Use the machine with picture cakes or by itself to create unique edible accents with icing sheets.

Use your edible printer for more than a picture. iDesigns™ is the new trend in edible printing. This web based program includes over 1600 different patterns that are licensed for edible use.  Selected by leading decorators, these patterns can accent or be the main component of any cake or sugar piece.

Blow the roof off of technology and max out your computer skill set with the Silhouette Cameo Electronic Cutter. This machine can be combined with your edible printer to print pictures or designs and then electronically cut the printed picture in almost any pattern to be used on your cakes.

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Live Demos from Industry Leaders
Chef Mike Terry, CMSA, and Sugar Artist Peggy Tucker, CMSA, along with other great decorators will be on hand at the Icing Images booth 1867 to share with you first hand their expertise on these products. They will show you ways to make your business more profitable and more efficient simply, easily and affordably.

Schedule a personal consultation at IBIE by calling 540-869-5511 or emailing to see what is new in the industry. Find out how Icing Images’ new products can be a productive part of your business.  With creative streamlined tools, let us help you find solutions to help your business be productive and grow.  The first 25 people to schedule an appointment during the show will receive a free goodie bag at the end of their appointment!

View a picture gallery of the many patterns and variations you can create with Premium Icing Sheets™ from Icing Images®.