With more than 185 stores spreading smiles worldwide and with an additional 400 stores currently under development, Menchie's has secured its status as the largest self-serve frozen yogurt franchise in the world. Opening an average of 10 stores per month, the company projects to have 300 stores open by the end of 2012, positioning Menchie's as the global leader in its industry.

As the world's largest chain of self-serve frozen yogurt stores, Menchie's is celebrating smiles across four countries including the United States, Canada, Japan and Australia. The company is opening additional stores this year in England, France, India, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Kuwait, China, and more countries are being added regularly to the development plan.

"We have redefined the world's frozen yogurt experience by going 'the extra smile' with our guests," said Amit Kleinberger, CEO of Menchie's Global Headquarters. "Our guests tell us they consider Menchie's to be the friendliest place on Earth thanks to our unique family experience. Our mission to make every guest smile, commitment to supporting the local community, pioneering marketing programs, and best in class products have set us at the forefront of the frozen dessert industry. We simply believe in making the world a better place through smiles."

Menchie's success comes from helping guests create memories in a family-friendly environment that is warm, welcoming, interactive and fun, providing guests with comfortable indoor and outdoor seating areas, family-friendly music, chalkboards for children to color on, and party rooms for birthday parties and events. As the only frozen yogurt store that provides toys and giveaways to children, Menchie's has become every child's favorite destination.

Menchie's is also actively involved in each community it serves. Stores partner with local schools in fundraising activities and education incentive programs. Each Menchie's store donates thousands of dollars in cash and products annually to local schools to support student programs.

Furthermore, the company is a world leader in ensuring best in class products, and considers itself the ambassador of frozen yogurt quality worldwide. Menchie's ensures that only the highest quality milk and flavors are used to make its frozen yogurt. Our exclusive private label collection is made from the milk of "smiley" California cows, which have not been treated with artificial growth hormones (rBST). Menchie's frozen yogurt contains live and active cultures and has received the Live and Active Culture (LAC) seal indicating its endorsement by the National Yogurt Association.

Menchie's makes guests smile by serving an unlimited mix of yogurt and toppings at a unique self-serve station with more than 100 rotating yogurt flavors from cake batter and pomegranate tart to chocolate silk and vanilla snow, and more than 70 rotating toppings including fresh fruits, granolas, nuts, an assortment of high quality candies and hot fudges.