In celebration of National Ice Cream Day, Portland, Oregon-based Salt & Straw is launching the most innovative ice cream topping in the industry, the Culinary Perfume, and inviting customers to try its latest creation by offering a free complimentary spritz of Culinary Perfume at all 27 scoop shops.

The edible fragrance was created to spray directly onto ice cream to enhance the tasting experience by adding the crucial sensory element of smell. With three editable scents and countless ice cream flavors, the possibilities of combinations are endless.

Salt & Straw teamed up with Imaginary Authors, the Portland-based craft perfumer known for its wildly unique fragrances.

“We’ve been stuck on sprinkles and whipped cream for the past 100 years. This is a new frontier—trying to figure out how to personalize your ice cream that completely plays into your senses,” says Tyler Malek, co-founder and head ice cream innovator at Salt & Straw. “I’m fascinated with the fact that you can’t actually smell ice cream and that seemed like too big of an opportunity to just let lie. As we’ve learned and tested ice cream flavors over the last 12 years, I have fallen in love with the way all of your senses interact with a food experience, and we are really excited for everyone to try it.”

Salt & Straw's Culinary Perfume collection includes:

  • A Cloud of Cocoa: Rich and robust, combining a luxurious smoky warmth with malty cocoa.
  • A Plume of Blooms: Honeysuckle and jasmine intertwine, evoking a euphoric spell of untamed blossoms in late spring.
  • A Swoon of Citrus: Both intense and subtle, energizingly juicy, tart citrus is balanced by an herbal nuance.

Salt & Straw’s Culinary Perfume will be available beginning Sunday, July 17 as a topping in all 27 scoop shops for 50 cents. The perfume will also be available for purchase in a 65-milliliter bottle for $65 or a pack of three (one of each flavor) 10 milliliter bottles for $48 at Salt & Straw’s website.