The Original Crumbs is launching a comeback under the guidance of the company’s original owners.

Mia and Jason Bauer, original founders of Crumbs Bakeshop, are back to relaunch the iconic brand that pioneered the gourmet cupcake nearly 20 years ago in 2003, and later helped spawn the cupcake craze that spread across the globe.

But a rapid growth plan under different management as a publicly traded company turned sour for Crumbs Bakeshop, which in 2014 announced that it was closing its nearly 50 remaining stores nationwide, according to published reports. Crumbs Bakeshop, which opened its first location in 2003, had grown to dozens of stores, and analysts remarked that the speed of growth proved too much to handle profitably.

When an opportunity presented itself to recapture and relaunch the brand, Mia and Jason Bauer did not hesitate. They knew Crumbs’ fans would rejoice at the chance to enjoy these beloved cupcakes, along with a delicious new line of cookies inspired by Crumbs cupcakes.

Beginning in late 2022, Crumbs fans will be able to buy Crumbs signature products at supermarkets and grocery stores across the country.

“It’s a much better model now,” commented Mia Bauer at the IDDBA convention, where Crumbs exhibited. “We want to maintain that feeling of fresh baked – with a product that is shipped flash frozen. Now that we are flash freezing our product, it is pretty phenomenal.”