Anchor Food Professionals, the foodservice brand of global dairy company Fonterra, has announced the relaunch of its Laminated Butter Sheets in the North American market. With the specific needs of pastry chefs and commercial bakers in mind, these butter sheets have been designed for ease of use and flexibility.

These Laminated Butter Sheets feature a honeycomb texture and rich, authentic buttery flavor, and are made using cream from grass-fed pasture-raised New Zealand cows.

From small family-owned bakeries to large commercial kitchens, the product consistently delivers the superior flavor and mouthfeel needed for all pastry applications and can save food professionals an estimated 12-14 minutes per batch.

“Our butter sheets render ease of use while cutting costs and time down to a minimum,” says Christopher Hartford, Fonterra’s key accounts manager and chef. “This makes a laborious task much easier, without compromising on flavor. They allow me to proof quickly, while the high melt point allow for the perfect rise and honeycomb texture. As a chef, quality is key and Anchor's Butter Sheets produce high quality, consistent products with every use.”

Anchor’s Laminated Butter Sheets remain shelf-stable for 24 months from the date of production when stored in the freezer. Each sheet weighs 2.2 pounds and with 20 sheets per package, bakers, pastry chefs and commercial kitchens can save hours of prep time.

“Anchor Food Professionals Lamination Butter Sheets are a one-of-a-kind product designed with the expert baker in mind,” says Megan Patterson, Americas marketing and communications manager for Fonterra. “We begin with the finest in New Zealand grass-fed butter; we then form our butter into sheets that will allow for time-saving foolproof lamination when making artisanal croissants, brioche, challah breads, and more. Our Anchor butter sheets will help the most accomplished bakers save time, every time!”