Each day in June, Crumbl Cookies has been searching social media to see how the brand is bringing people together and awarding them prizes.

The social media and daily giveaway campaign involves fans posting using the hashtag #CrumblTogether to share how Crumbl has brought them closer to someone. For each day in June, Crumbl Cookies will pick one winner and give them a $500+ prize that is unique to their shared story. Already this month, Crumbl Cookies has gifted a backyard patio set, camping gear, cookies for a wedding reception and travel vouchers.

Here's how fans can enter the giveaway:

  • Customers should post to any social media platform and share a story about how Crumbl brought them closer to someone. This can be a static feed or story post on any platform. Example: “Every week, I go to Crumbl and get a box of cookies and then I share them with my little sister and we rate them together.”
  • Customers must include the hashtag #CrumblTogether on their post to be entered.
  • Customers only need to post one time to be entered, but are welcome to post multiple times. Multiple posts does not equal multiple entries.
  • Each day, one winner will be picked and given a unique prize at a $500 value.
  • Winners will be announced on Crumbl Cookies Instagram stories.
  • If a customer has a private account, they may screenshot their post and direct message it to the Crumbl Cookies Instagram account to be entered.

Additionally, customers who purchase a 6-Pack Box or Party Box (12 count) will earn double Loyalty Crumbs to their Crumbl account. This promotion was designed to bring more people together for summer friends and family gatherings.