On Thursday, June 9, the California Strawberry Commission hosted an exclusive “Million Ways to Love Strawberries” event at the Santa Monica Proper Hotel in Santa Monica, California to celebrate peak strawberry season, the unique versatility and love consumers have for the fruit and the people who grow them.

Celebrity actress, singer and entrepreneur Christina Milian was there to celebrate all things strawberries and share a special strawberry version of her beignets from Beignet Box. Other notable food and nutrition influencers were there to serve guests their strawberry creations, including:

  • Celebrity Chef Arnold Myint from “Top Chef” 11 prepared two savory strawberry dishes - Thai Son-in-Law Eggs with Strawberry Tamarind Sauce and Strawberry Scallop Ceviche.
  • Matthew Biancaniello, author of Eat Your Drink, prepared three unique strawberry cocktails in celebration of strawberries, including The Last Tango in Modena, Strawberry Bubbly Mary, and Strawberry Infused Tequila with Surinam Cherries and Shiso.
  • Dani Flowers, creator of the first Cake Bar in the world and social media influencer, shared and demonstrated her mini Strawberry Lunchbox Cakes filled with strawberries.
  • Cecilia Cid, 12 year-old tamale chef, and her Abuela prepared their family strawberry tamale recipe.
  • Mascha Davis, registered dietitian and influencer, shared her strawberry, beetroot, and turmeric wellness elixir while highlighting the health benefits of strawberries.
  • Donna Colucci, licensed aesthetician and founder of Bella Donna Skin Studio in Los Angeles, showcased the benefits of strawberries in beauty products through strawberry-infused facial concoctions.
  • Aspacia Kusulas, graphic designer, calligraphy and letterpress printer, created love letters for event guests with a special strawberry ink.

“We are excited to host this event and shine a spotlight on the love that consumers have for strawberries,” says Chris Christian, senior vice president, California Strawberry Commission. “Having our growers here to share their family farming stories and their passion for growing this healthy, sweet and versatile berry makes it extra special.”