As the inventor of the first paper baking mold and a global leader in design, manufacture, and distribution of paper products for the baking and confectionery industries, Novacart offers innovative engineering and state-of-the-art proprietary technology that serve customers from small corner bakeries to large commercial production facilities.

“We take pride in changing the face of bakery packaging,” explains Novacart’s national sales manager Marc McGregor. “We are really changing our focus. When Covid hit, the retail bakery business took the biggest hit. We have expanded into more high-end businesses and large-volume, instore bakeries. We have expanded beyond bake-in, and we have really expanded our line of bakeable molds with dome lids.”

This trend continues right down to the grocery and convenience stores.

“That is where the market is going,” McGregor adds.

Baking molds to pastry trays

Novacart is firmly focused on offering innovative, attractive, convenient, energy efficient, and ecologically friendly packaging. The company’s product line ranges from baking molds to pastry trays.]

“We are best known for our bakeable paper packaging,” he explains. “We are constantly improving and expanding our product line, which has led to innovations for the grab-and-go market, complete with snap on lids. Consumers are now seeing this as better-looking package

On the sustainability side, customers love the paper-based lines that provides products with a higher-end look.

“We’re doing a lot of work and hoping to introduce more in sustainability,” McGregor says. “The compostable side of things is the next step.”

Single-use packaging is big in Canada and the United States, and people are looking for alternatives. Add to that, there are current shortages in foil and aluminum that are influencing the marketplace

Investing in growth, Novacart is witnessing a marketplace that is much more receptive to consumer packaging with lids because open packaging is not permitted in some markets.

Novacart offers a line of paper-based containers with lids. “That is where we see people heading,” McGregor says.

Supply challenges

The packaging industry is facing a tough go of it because of shortages.

“We have benefitted because of our global reach. It has really helped us for supply sourcing,” McGregor says. “We are investing heavily in North American market Having that extra support as large global company has really helped us with supplies. We are ahead of the curve because of our global reach. We are getting calls from nontraditional customers more than ever.”

As a fully integrated company, one of Novacart’s valuable assets is in-house design team that takes ideas from beginning concepts and prototypes to completion. Novacart’s engineers build tooling and state-of-the-art production equipment, which enables the company to provide unique solutions for customers.