Magnolia Bakery, one of America’s most iconic names in baking, has unveiled a new, digital-first brand identity that turns the New York treat to an anywhere eat. Created in partnership with Jones Knowles Ritchie (JKR), the refresh celebrates the brand’s West Village roots while future-proofing the brand in the digital age.

“Magnolia Bakery is growing, with greater focus on its direct-to-consumer business and an expanded retail footprint around the world. It’s time to evolve Magnolia Bakery’s beloved brand essence into a cohesive identity that excites both our day-one locals and consumers who may never set foot in our bakeries. We’re truly bringing the magic of the bakery to your doorstep, wherever you are,” says Eddie Revis, chief marketing officer at Magnolia Bakery.

“We have created an identity that delivers on the brand’s deliciously indulgent in-bakery experience with a joyful and eclectic kit of parts inspired by our design strategy – a bite of whimsical delight,” says JB Hartford, group creative director at JKR. “The new logo is inspired by the bakeshop’s trademarked cupcake swirl – which takes up to 40 hours to perfect! – and the live theater of the bakery - mixers spinning vanilla cake batter, cupcakes being iced and banana pudding being scooped.”

The updated core brand color is inspired by the iconic green of the bakery’s walls, while other colors are inspired by some of its most beloved desserts and colorful sprinkles. The bakery’s eclectic interiors come to life through playful frames and patterns, like checkerboard, while a new shipping box takes after the fabled Bleecker Street bakery and Magnolia Bakery’s West Village roots. Finally, the dynamic new logo system will prepare the brand for a full omnichannel experience.

Magnolia Bakery will roll out the new design elements over the coming months, beginning with its digital platforms, followed up by packaging and store refreshes. The brand will also continue to add new products to the D2C channel in the coming months.