Rebel Daughter Cookies was built around women empowerment and giving everyone the permission to indulge themselves – whether that’s with a decadent cookie or following a wild dream. Founder, owner and mother of two, Anne Grossman started the bakery in 2019 without any culinary or business experience. Beginning with local delivery, it’s now shipping nationwide. In 2021 alone, Rebel Daughter grew 3X and sold over 20,000 cookies, the max amount it could make as it was constrained by capacity. This problem has been solved with the opening of a new kitchen space.

All about indulging your inner rebel with ultra-decadent gourmet cookies, Rebel Daughter offers a menu of seven crowd favorites, rotating specials, and three kinds of lactation cookies made especially for breastfeeding mamas.

Last year, the bakery was featured in Food Network’s “14 Best Food Gifts 2021 for Everyone on Your List” for the holiday season, spotlighting its Cookies Crowd Favorites Sampler. As an authority on what consumers are looking for in cookies, Anne Grossman shares several ways to fancy up a cookie recipe. These tips can help anyone take their sweet treats to the next level.


Forgo the standard bag of chocolate chips and get to work breaking up high-quality bars. Uniformity is not ideal here. Taking your cookie from ordinary to sublime, the bigger chunks will create melty, mouthfuls of chocolate while the small slivers create ribbons of cocoa flavor. Choosing bars over a bag also offers more creative freedom. Experiment with various cacao percentages and countries of origin to create a decadent sweet truly unique. Why stop at just plain chocolate? Grab a few go-to candy bars and layer in nuts/nougat/coconut/marshmallow… whatever you fancy.


Baking cookies typically begins with blending butter and sugar. Add a new first step for a richer, nuttier treat; brown that butter. Creating depth and a caramel, toffee-esque essence, cook the butter in a pan until some of its water evaporates, toasting the milk proteins. Allow the golden brown butter to cool before proceeding with your recipe for that extra “je ne sais pas.”


This tip might be known, but it’s worth repeating. Chill that dough!! If you want a thick cookie with a doughy center and slightly crispy edges, let the fridge solidify the butter before baking. Otherwise, you’ll be left with thin pancake-like cookies. 

More Colorful

Cereal, dehydrated berries, edible glitters – the sky's the limit. Crunchy cereal boosts texture, while fruit adds an element of brightness. Baking for an event? Bedazzle and customize with colored glitters. Each cookie I create is based on vivid childhood memories and life favorites. Obsessing over finding the right flavor profiles, I only create cookies that make my inner child happy, so this involves lots of nostalgic add-ins. I labor over the balance necessary when baking a gourmet treat that will be loved by adults and kids alike. 

Extra Salty

Skip the average table salt and sprinkle the finished dough balls with coarse flakes before baking. Upping the texture, salt makes sweet so much sweeter. Take this common tip to the next level with different kinds of salts; smoked, black lava, fleur de sel, pink Himalayan or other fun flavors.